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What is freeDefcon?

freeDefcon  is not just a game. It is an advanced environment that will serve as a platform for the simulation of realistic modern warfare scenarios and military conflicts.

The engine will allow to load a scene which contains orographic data from a ground terrain, vegetation, climate, population and other parameters.

This land is divided into forces that can be allied or opposing. Each force has military and civilian structures, as well as various military units.

Structures will be ranging from power plants and factories to air bases, naval ports and infantry barracks. Likewise, the units available will be a reflection of those that exist at present: interceptors and bombers, frigates, carriers, submarines, tanks, transports and more.

In addition, each force can be composed of one or more players working in parallel, and can disconnect from the game and regain control at any time.

In one scenario each force has a mission to accomplish before a certain date and time. At the end of the time, the engine shows statistics on civilian and military casualties, as well as damages, which will determine what force is the winner.

The goal of freeDefcon  is to provide a client-server simulation as realistic as possible and with the ability to be highly customizable.