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Team members

Fermin Vallecillos

Project manager

A 34 years old developer with 12 years of experience programming in various languages. In addition to computers he is a piano teacher and enjoys playing jazz.

  • Project management
  • Programmer
  • Webmastering

Jorge Gómez

Design/image manager

A professional 26 years old graphic designer with knowledge of programming basics. In addition to graphic design he is an accomplished writer who likes to play jazz too with his new saxo.

  • Webmastering
  • Graphic designer
  • Beta-tester
  • Traductor

José Antonio Pérez Álvarez

Maths programmer

A 31 years old systems integrator with 20 years of experience programming in various languages and developing electronic devices. In addition to the sciences he is mathematician and a great jazz guitar player.

  • Programmer
  • Complex math algorithm developing

Vicente Nortes

R & D/testing manager

An experienced computer engineer who works as director of telecommunications at a major spanish company in the audiovisual sector. His biggest hobbies are programming for fun, explore new technologies and spend some time playing games.

  • First implementation testing
  • Brainstorming management
  • R & D