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freeDefcon is realistic

freeDefcon  is designed to be very faithful to reality. Environmental data are set according to sources that provide accurate information to each unit, giving them unique abilities and weaknesses.

Response times are key in this environment. The units do not obey orders immediately; they need time to react, prepare and change their objectives.

Units are virtual clones of current military, considering many real parameters such as speed, consumption, weapons, systems, staffing, etc..

Similarly, supplies of fuel, weapons, and repairs can take hours or even days. Diplomatic actions also require a long time to reach agreements, and its results depend on many factors such as proximity of the territory, degree of affinity, and so on.

Launching an aircraft
Unless an aircraft is armed and ready to take off, you will need some time to prepare it.
Giving orders
The orders given to units can not have an immediate response. For example, the infantry requires some time to receive orders by radio, and it is not always available for contact.