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Welcome to the official freeDefcon website

Quick Guide

The download page is available at SourceForge and here.

A detailed guide of the game is hosted just in this website. You should start here, but maybe you are interested in taking a look at the reference where you can find info about available systems, weapons, units and structures.

The screenshots are helpful for a quick impression.

If you want to get more information about the project development, you should click here. You may want to meet the freeDefcon team or perhaps you would want to collaborate.

Welcome to freeDefcon

freeDefcon  is an advanced environment for realistic simulation of military conflict.

freeDefcon  is an open-source project under the GPL license.


free Defcon is a project created by Fermín Vallecillos and the freeDefcon team on July 17, 2009.

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The circle is closing


We are pleased to have a new partner in the project: Vicente Nortes, a computer engineer, and a keen of games and technology.

Vicente will take the lead in R & D, deployment and testing features of the code. Additionally, he will manage the entire process of brainstorming that will make freeDefcon evolves.

With the new acquisition, the majority of tasks and required fields are partially covered, so now the project will officially launch its course towards development.

May the force be with us!

Fermín Vallecillos

Now we are three!


We have a new signing in the freeDefcon team: José Antonio Pérez Álvarez, a programmer, electronic and mathematician with extensive experience in systems integrations.

Since I decided to use Ogre instead of SDL, I had spent days wondering how to solve some problems of handling coordinates and movements on a spherical surface efficiently.

The knowledge of José Antonio in this field are enviable, and it will focus on solving these problems, therefore he will be responsible for the development of the more complex mathematical algorithms of freeDefcon.

We hope he would enjoy with us and the intrinsic freeDefcon mathematics.

Fermín Vallecillos

First take


Yeah! After some days of testing with Ogre3D on Linux, we could make a first contact quite satisfactory, which brings us finally to decide for using Ogre instead SDL for the game engine, so from now freeDefcon acquires the 3D gaming category.


We have taken some screenshots of the current result, which shows a world-map geoscape, which can be rotated by the user in any direction with the mouse and keyboard. We hope to release soon a small preview of the source code, so you can try it for testing.

Fermín Vallecillos

Jorge Gómez joins freeDefcon team


We are delighted to announce the entry of a new member to the freeDefcon team. Jorge Gómez is a professional graphic designer, whose consolidated experience also includes advanced web development.

Starting today, Jorge will be responsible for design and image in freeDefcon. We hope that with this new signing the project would progres strongly.

Fermín Vallecillos

Website version 0.5 released!


After 4 days of fighting with PHP and MySQL (I have not used them since a long) I managed to create a small CMS for the web, so I am pleased to announce the version 0.5, now available in English and Spanish.

With this new restructuring, I hope that the development of the website will be improved.

Fermín Vallecillos